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Module Three: Bible Study Rules & Regulations

  1. All Bible studies must be held in an open designated area. The activities director on staff usually chooses the established location.  

  2. Our teaching is based upon the inspired Word of God, the Bible. “Every word of God is pure; He is a shield to those who put their trust in Him” (Proverbs 30:5). Therefore, it is encouraged as a priority to read God's Word. 

    • Remember, C.S. Lewis is good, but God's Word saves.

  3. All volunteers should be on time for each Bible study assignment. We encourage every Bible Teacher to arrive
    15 minutes earlier than the appointed time of study.


  4. If a volunteer cannot make it to his or her assigned Bible study, he or she should follow these steps:

    • First, call any other Life-Line volunteer to substitute. Let the activities director know who is coming. If at all possible, please give at least 24-hour notice. 

    • Second, if you are unable to find a sub, call or notify your church ministry leader or Pastor Jim Hakes at 619.672.1290.

      Note: If you wish to call Pastor Jim on a Sunday, please call him on his cell phone, 619.672.1290, and leave a message or contact the activities director in charge.


  5. Volunteers must report any elder abuse, as mandated by state law, to "Advocates for Residents" at 800.640.4661 or, in the case of crisis, 800.231.4024.

  6. Volunteers should find out and adhere to all the rules and regulations applicable to the home or location to which they have been assigned.

  7. If a patient is near death, do not hesitate to call your church ministry leader or Pastor Jim Hakes, 619.672.1290.

  8. When administering the elements for Communion (Lord’s Supper), it is required that all Bible Teachers have been tested for TB and use latex gloves.

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