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Special Projects

Throughout the year Life-Line prepares and supports special projects that we invite members and visitors to participate in. These projects may vary from annual sock drives to helping provide personal items for patients who cannot afford to purchase them for themselves (ie, tooth paste, soap, etc.). Please consider sponsoring one of these projects, and keep an eye on this page for updates.

CD Players for Life-Line Participating Homes

One new project we recently started in 2016 includes placing in every Life-Line home one to two CD players with the Bible on CD. Your giving will allow us to accomplish this within the next six months. We have already started this with great success at Remington Club in Poway, CA. A 92-year-old grandma (Violet) did not have the strength to hold her Bible up to read, but she received great comfort in hearing the Word on CD.


Shoes for Eldorado
The residents at Eldorado are currently in need of shoes. Please drop off new or slightly used shoes, marked in a bag with “Shoes for Eldorado,” to the receptionist at Sonrise Church in Santee, 8805 N. Magnolia Ave., Santee, CA 92071. 


Annual Sock Drive
Socks are frequently requested during the colder fall and winter months to keep patients’ feet warm. Join the Annual Life-Line Sock Drive by dropping off your sock donation with the receptionist at Sonrise Church in Santee, 8805 N. Magnolia Ave., Santee, CA 92071, or by donating by mail or online.

Printed Material
Several times a year there is a need for printed material to be produced or purchased. Large-print Bibles are often requested by residents, and, DVDs, brochures, workbooks for our classes and other printed matter are also created for mailings.

Bed or Lap Quilts
Quilts are needed on a regular basis and always thankfully received by patients. Not only do they keep residents warm, but they also provide color and a personal touch to a living space that might otherwise seem institutional.  


If you would like to know more about our current projects, or if you'd like to volunteer or contribute, please contact us. 

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