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Module Two: Visitation Rules

  1.   Approach and Introduction

    • Knock before entering and make eye contact with the patient. You must have permission from the patient or the patient’s family to enter his or her room. Sometimes a smile, a head nod or other friendly gestures can be an indication of permission to enter the patient’s space. “Therefore receive one another, just as Christ also received us, to the glory of God” (Romans 15:7).

    • Upon entering the room, gently and slowly approach the patient. Introduce yourself and the ministry that
      you represent.

    • When at all possible, our practice is to enter a room in pairs of the same sex.

  2.   Identification

    • A Life-Line Convalescent Ministries badge is to be worn at all times, even if the home that you are in issues you its own badge.

    • A badge is to be worn by all Life-Line volunteers, twelve years old and older.

    • A badge will be prepared and given to a volunteer only after a signed participation agreement has been received. Any volunteer not wearing a badge may be asked to leave the home.

  3.   Seeking Your Own Comfort

      Please respect each patient’s privacy by not sitting on his or her bed or using his or her restroom facility.
  4.   Ministering and Comforting

    • We are in the homes to comfort patients. Comfort most often comes in the form of Scripture reading, praying, or having conversation with them.

    • Use your spiritual gifts for ministering (Romans 12:7).

    • “Rejoice with those that rejoice, and weep with those that weep” (Romans 12:15).

  5.   Room and Patient Condition

    • Always leave a room in the exact condition that it was found. If a door was closed when you entered, then please ensure that the door is closed before leaving.

    • Some patients are required to have their door closed at all times due to oxygen conditions. Please obtain permission to enter a room where the door is closed due to special needs such as oxygen anchor contamination.

    • If the patient is in a wheelchair with the brake on, then please ensure that the patient is left with the brake on.

    • If a patient asks you to open the blinds or curtains, permission must be obtained from the head nurse due to visual impairments, such as glaucoma, and medication restrictions.

  6. Food and/or Water Restrictions

    • Please, never give a patient food or water. If the patient asks for food or water, simply notify the nurse
      on duty.​


  7. Advocacy

    • Please report any elder abuse, as mandated by state law, to “Advocates for Residents” at 800.640.4661 or,
      in the case of a crisis, 800.231.4024. By law, any information will be kept confidential by the agency, and by Life-Line Convalescent Ministries.


  8. Countenance and Attitude

    • “Let a man so consider us, as servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God”Please be courteous, loving, and humble and show respect for all patients, both in and out of their rooms. Remember, these are the same ones we are trying to reach and serve for Jesus. (I Corinthians 4:1).

    • Put on an attitude of beatitude.

  9. Giving

    • Never accept money from a patient. If a patient wishes to tithe, please make sure that you have witnesses, and that it is recounted in front of the witness. Also, refer to the home rules, as giving by the patient may
      be prohibited.


  10. Near Death

    • If a patient is near death, please contact your church ministry leader or Pastor Jim Hakes, 619.672.1290.

  11. Confidential Data

    • Any personal note taking about a patient is to be kept personal. That is your business. Although there is no law against creating information on any patient such as name or room number, please be advised that if such information should get into the wrong hands or become part of an elder investigation, the volunteer will be held liable and accountable to the state for the misuse of such a document. If you require a listing of patients with name and room number or any other confidential information, please see your area leader. Please be wise as a serpent because the days are evil.

    • Please ensure that all patients’ names and room numbers remain confidential and are never released to the public, per HIPAA regulations.

  12. Visits During Off Hours

    • Any volunteer who makes a special and private visit to any Life-Line home on his or her own accord, and outside of the designated time of ministering, are no longer under the rules and regulations of Life-Line Convalescent Ministries, but responsible for his or her own actions.

  13. Contamination

    • Kissing and/or hugging the residents often come natural to those with a big heart; however, caution is advised due to contamination issues in the homes. Please refer to the rules of the home that you minister in. Any skin contact on a bare floor may be prohibited.

    • Before leaving the home, it is advisable to wash your hands in the public washroom provided. It is also recommended that you use hand sanitizer.

    • Hand washing is required between every room and every visit.

  14. Therapeutic Animals

    • Any animals brought in by our volunteers, regardless of their tameness, may be prohibited without permission and/or proper certifications as required by law. If you bring an animal into the homes, please also bring proof of permission and/or certifications, as you may be asked by the state to show documentation.

  15. Solicitation

    • There is no soliciting or handing out business cards in any home. We do suggest that you leave a "Sorry I Missed You" card when the patient is either sleeping, or not in.

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